Information For Housing Associations

Helping you to set up and manage your Housing Association

Do you live in an apartment block, or a group of houses that share communal facilities? Do you have problems keeping things running smoothly, or need help with managing the financial side of things? Or do you simply need a neutral third party to guide your community through the processes of setting up and managing a housing association? Mevanna Management Services has all the experience and expertise to help you establish and manage a Housing Association.

Depending on how much you wish to take on, we can simply offer advice and guidance or can assist in the planning, maintenance, financial & legal issues at a competitive rate. Our services include:

  • setting up, management and supervision of contracts, covering required services, such as gardening, cleaning, security and maintenance
  • renewing building and communal area liability insurance
  • assisting in setting up bank accounts for the association with agreed sinking funds
  • preparing accounts for tax return where necessary
  • organising Annual General Meetings, along with producing financial documents for review
  • communicating regularly with residents on all matters

For further information relating to our association services and preferable rates contact one of our representatives on +44 1534 832633 or compete our online enquiries form.